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Are You Throwing $ Away Plasma Tools

plasma toolsIn his latter article for The Fabricator Magazine -Plasma cutting maintenance. Now let me ask you something. Are you throwing currency away? Jim Colt of Hypertherm discussed getting importance the most out of plasma consumables with an eye to increase productivity and lower costs. Consumables that were removed from the method after cutting more than 6,800 linear feet of five inch steel -the following parts are entirely half consumed and can carry on cutting for almost a mile.

Hence, it is time to replace the electrode, when the pit depth is near the torch manufacturers considered maximum. Commonly, nozzle orifices with normal wear probably should be round with no hicks. Blackened or notched nozzles must be replaced.

plasma tools You need to heavily inspect the wear on the nozzle orifice on the inlet and outlet areas, in regards to the nozzle, there’s no specific attribute to measure how much life it has left. Scrutinize the orifice shape on the outside and inside, when inspecting a lofty definition plasma nozzle. On the outside it is essential to make special that the orifice bore is quite well round -modern nozzles have sharp edges on the orifice and after some wear they start to happen to be rounded, which affects cut quality. When it comes down to the inner bore it is equally as vital -the orifice perhaps should be splendidly round with no nicks or heavy arc marks.

In the end, to make your plasma cutting thing as effective as doable, you must see the picture. Plasma setup, CAM, CNC or height control systems program would all work together to provide excellent cut consumable, speed and quality life. Nonetheless, in addition to training to ensure you get your most out CNC Plasma, here at MultiCam Canada we offer a wide range of Plasma solutions. Obviously, we can support you to choose the perfect machine for the application you got in mind, feel free to reach out.

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